1 Dress, 5 Ways To Rock It

The black maxi dress. If there's one staple that will forever be in my closet every summer, it is the maxi dress. It can take you from day to night, to the office to dinner and everything in between. Here are a few ways that I love to style this simple piece.

Of course a simple way to style the maxi dress is "as is". There are so many different styles of maxi dresses and they really flatter any body type so you can't go wrong. I love a good simple black maxi so I can dress it down or dress it up with some accessories and really make it my own. This is a great summer workwear piece. Plus, it will serve you summer after summer because black never goes out of style. 


Next, we have the "The Casual"

This is probably one of my favourite ways to wear the maxi dress. Throw a jean jacket around your waist, throw on some sneakers and away you go. Great for an every day look!

A fun little twist, no pun intended, is to tie a knot in the front of the dress. This helps to change up the shape and make it a little more fun. A jean jacket is always my go to, but this could also work with a colourful blazer or even flannel button up thrown on top and tied! 

One of the fun things about these types of dresses, is that the maxi dress doesn't always have to be worn a dress! Which brings us to...."the skirt"

Throwing on a simple t-shirt or your favourite graphic T, on top of the dress completely changes the look and gives it even more versatility. Great for running errands or getting some "alone" time walking the aisles of Target (who doesn't love to do that?), this is simple yet comfy way to style the maxi dress. 

And lastly, another way to take this must-have, is from day to evening. Whether you're meeting friends for drinks after work, or heading to a weekend BBQ cook out, you can rock this "Happy Hour" look. 

Dressing this up is as easy as 123! Wedges, a belt and some jewelry and you're ready for some drinks with friends, or even a hot date! 

Styling a piece multiple ways doesn't have to be complicated. A few quick changes, some imagination, and you've maximized wear and made multiple outfits for all types of different occasions. So there you have it, 1 maxi dress, styled 5 different ways. Have fun, be creative and tag us is some of your favourite ways you've styled one of our maxi dresses! 

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